Gorgon : ゴルゴーン-125
125mm / 15.6g
TYPE : Floating
JPY1,980(tax excluded)



Reducing Gorgon while maintaining the amazing modeling! Pursue more natural action !
Gorgon which are 4 jointed bait has caught many monsters. In pursuit of more natural movement, we develope 125 mm-size that is easy to use. The lengh yp to the fin is 125mm,but it has achieved a soft & natural action unique to the joint bait. And the fins of each part are made of soft parts as same as Gorgon-188. Not only the form and action,but also the eyes and tongue are made up of different parts to realize a thorough realism with high quality. The beautiful palm-sized swimbait will bring more fish to anglers.
Eye piece and tongue made up of separate parts.
Dorsal fins, pectoral fins and caudal fins are made of soft parts.





【Gorgon 125】
#01天然鮎            4589924906255
#02 清瀬             4589924906262
#03 ジャパニーズ トラウト     4589924906279
#04 ギル             4589924906286
#05 リアルベイト(ワカサギ)    4589924906293
#06 マイワシ           4589924906309
#07 コノシロ           4589924906316
#08 マットタイガー        4589924906323
#09 マットブラックキラー     4589924906330
#10 TINY BASS          4589924907122
#11 Japanese HASU        4589924907139
#12 SABIAYU           4589924907146
#13 CLEAR PINK HEAD ケイムラ  4589924907153