Gorgon : ゴルゴーン
188mm / 56.8g
TYPE : SALT=Floating ・ FRESH=Suspending
JPY 3,723(tax excluded)


■ 完全ベイトフォルムに大型フック搭載
■ 独立し、色分けされた瞼と 生命を宿すリアルアイ
■ 魚目線の“リアル”を360°追求
■ 艶かしく輝くリアルな魚の体表を「ホログラム+プリント+塗装」で再現
■ まさにベイトなナチュラルな4連ジョイントアクション
■ シャローでは背ビレを出し水面でアピール

Sticking to action, form, silhouette, modeling and performance. Gorgon is a 188mm / 58.6g big bait that pursues a “real” that is closely linked to the catch, such as action, form, and size.The action is a real swim action reminiscent of live fish unique to a 4-connected body.We realized a glossy movement as if the bait fish were swimming.From sub-surface to surface, slow to fast, Gorgon can grab the water regardless of the speed of the flow and swim properly, you can capture a wide range regardless of target fish and area. In addition to the natural swim by retrieve, Gorgon can swim while standing up the rod, raising the dorsal fin and tail fin, leaving live ripples on the water and rod operation like stop & go, dirt and twitch are possible. Angler’s technique expands the use of Gorgon. Gorgon is floating in saltwater, and sinking close to suspending in freshwater. Weight balance that makes head float up when stopped. We are also particular about the movement at the time of stop. In edition. The 360° “real” form that includes an under angle that can makes it easy to use the mouth of a monster with a high degree of caution. All fins are made of soft materials, gibing a natural feeling of life to the Gorgon. Of special note is the large, real-sized tail fin. It makes a large stream of water on the surface and appeals strongly. The adopted hooks are #1/0 that you could catch the monster. Even if Gorgon equip this big size hook, it is designed to swim naturally. The eyes and tongue are adopted separate parts, we are particular about modeling.We are injecting attention to realism into our lures.

■ Real bait form with large hooks
■ Eyes and tongue of separate parts
■ Pursuit of real form from any direction of 360°
■ Reproduce the glossy and shining real fish surface
■ Natural swimming like a real bait, 4-jointed action
■ In shallow, it shows a dorsal fin and appeals on the water surface



■ Eyes and tongue of separate parts
■ Pursuit of real form from any direction of 360°
■ Fins are made by soft material


【Gorgon 188】
#01天然鮎       4589924904992
#02清瀬        4589924905005
#03黄金(KOGANE)  4589924905012
#04キャンディー鮎   4589924905029
#05錆鮎        4589924905036
#06バンブー      4589924905043
#07コノシロ&ボラ   4589924905050