SAYORIS – 182 : サヨリス
182mm / 28g※針を除いた本体重量
TYPE : Sinking Pencil
JPY1,880(tax excluded)

SAYORIS – 182 : サヨリス
182mm / 54g※針を除いた本体重量
TYPE : Sinking Pencil
JPY1,960(tax excluded)



You can fish if you use it. Sayoris-Z that imitate needle fish is borned from a through fishing experience. SAYORIS-182mm is a large size of the unique Sayoris sinking pencil that is popular both in Japan and overseas. Reproduce the slight roll action peculiar to Sayoris. It is a model that captures monsters with a more realistic form and the ability to keep a reliable shallow range. Initially released as a custom model with 3 large treble hooks and a silicone tube that can catch even shorter bites. Normally, you might use Sayoris-182 with 2 treble hooks. The action is the same. The natural shape that imitates a real bait size sayori does not feel the size even though it is 182mm. Sayoris-182 Makes sure to approach to the target. There are many angling resurts offshore too as a sinking pencil + jarkbait. 54g
version is also available as a heavy weight model. The wire is penetrated to the body to ensure the strength to catch monsters.




【SAYORIS-182 28g】
#01 リアルサヨリ/マグマホロRP             4589924905678
#02 リアルサヨリ極カラー/シェルホロRP         4589924905685
#03 ブルーベイト/クリアホロRP             4589924905692
#04 パールホワイトレッドヘッド/縦ホロRP        4589924905708
#05 リアルサヨリ極Cヘッドグローベリー/シェルホロRP  4589924905715
#06 カゲロウ/クリアホロRP               4589924905722
#07 オーシャンブルー/シルバーホロRP          4589924905739

【SAYORIS-182 54g】
#01 リアルサヨリ/マグマホロRP             4589924905906
#02 リアルサヨリ極カラー/シェルホロRP         4589924905913
#03 ブルーベイト/クリアホロRP             4589924905920
#04 パールホワイトレッドヘッド/縦ホロRP        4589924905937
#05 リアルサヨリ極Cヘッドグローベリー/シェルホロRP  4589924905944
#06 カゲロウ/クリアホロRP               4589924905951
#07 オーシャンブルー/シルバーホロRP          4589924905968